Why choose homestay?

Homestay is within 50 minutes from EEC


In and around Manchester, depending on the host family chosen by you for your study. We make sure that the closest (and safest) location is chosen for your commute to EEC.

Transport Used

The hosts are situated in residential areas within 30 minutes from EEC, using public transport which include buses, trams, etc.


With every family, you can be assured of:

  • Laundry access 
  • A change of towels and bed linen weekly in keeping with the family household routine
  • Use of the family home as a family member
  • English as the main language spoken in the family home
  • Enrolment: You can join the course any Monday apart from Bank holiday Mondays
  • A private bedroom (Single, Double or Twin) You may request a twin shared room if you are two persons travelling together who wish to live together
Home Stay Accommodation Prices 2019/2020
Standard Diet (two meals Every day) £145 per week
Special Diet (Halal/Kosher/Vegetarian two meals every day) £155 per week
Self-Catering (cook your own food) £130 per week

Please add any information about diet/allergies/concerns in your application to be considered.

Please refer to the homestay terms and conditions.

What Our Students SAy